Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Breasteses of the Week
(Boy, what a pair!)

The above breasts (or breasteses, as many folks are want to call them—also, boobies, knockers, Janet Jacksons, gazongas, yabahoes, etc.) belong to Carmen Electra. I’ve blocked out the nipples, not because they’re obscene, but because they were kind of funny looking. Sort of like a popped zit… (like I said: funny looking).

“Why,” you may ask, “Why would you, an obvious gay-boy, put up a pair of breasts (breasteses, jugs, hooters, major-league yabahoes, etc.) onto your Oh-So-Gay blog?” Eyeballs, baby. If I can get a few more eyes on these pages, then my ego is stroked, and we all like to have our ego’s stroked, don’t we?

Sure, it will bring in the occasional straight-boy or two (they can quickly Google away to Angelina Jolie + Underwear + Crotchless + paprika and have at it). I’m hoping a few questioning guys will check out the hottie guys and decide to join the darkside—or will laugh at my jokes and stick around. Maybe even one of the straight-boys with a secure sense of sexuality will stick around as well… who knows?

Anyway, don’t be surprised if you see images of breasts (jigglers, titticacas, airbags, Quakers, lefty 'n' righty, warheads, hooters, Partons, yahtzees, Brustwarzen, headlights, shimmies, naughty pillows, sweater bumpers, Fahrvergnügens, deux oeufs sur la plat, etc.) on this site in the future. Of course, it won’t always be Carmen Electra. No, I’ll try for other saucy women such as Angelina Jolie, Pam Anderson, Mary Kate Olsen, Natalie Portman, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Catherine Bell, Cameron Diaz, Shannon Elizabeth, as well as several chicks I’ve never heard of but saw on some horned-up straight boy’s site: Elisha Cuthbert, Rachel Bilson, Victoria Silvstedt, and Michelle Tanner.

Then again, if the boobies thing don’t bring in the eyes, I may have to go with “Hot Ass on that Guy Mondays” or some such nonsense.
For those of you not interested in the above photo of Carmen’s “Electras,” take heart and check out this guy):

Um… wait, not him… I meant this guy:
Oh, yeah... much better...


Brian said...

I like the 'bait and switch' idea of luring people in with giant jigglers and then suddenly posting a few hot hinders. And with the list of lovely ladies you've given, I'm sure you'll be stroked all night long! (your ego I mean) Nothing wrong with gazongas now and then; I just perfer mine covered in manly fur and a little less, as you put it, funny looking.

Miladysa said...

Well, the breasts do not do anything for me! I like my tottie 'rough' looking :)

Let me know how the stats look following this post :)

EGL said...

Pandering to the masses to get your stats up...I'm so proud! Most of the hits I got on my site for the last few weeks were from the posting of a picture of a hot guy...I'd tell you who but I don't want you stealing my thunder.

Miladysa said...

How are the stats?

Miladysa said...

I've got a bare bum on my blog and it's not mine! I let you know how the stats go :)

Bhakti said...

I wonder if I should try the bait and switch tactic on my humor/spiritual site. Hhmmm...how does this sound:

While meditating--on Janet Jackson's nipple--make sure you take deep breaths --while gazing at Bratt Pitts ass--and center yourself--ontop of Pamela Anderson's fake hooters--before thanking God--for one night in Johnny Depp's bed.

Will THAT get me more readers??