Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Who’s the Girlie-Man, Now, Be-atch?

Ahnuld has been soundly rebuked by the voters of California (or Kaly-Fornee-a, as he mispronounces it). All of the initiatives he pushed for to extend his power have been shot down by the people.

$82 million in public money has been wasted on an election no one but Arnie wanted… and now he’s been politically humbled. Oh, the pain this has caused him is delicious… You know, maybe $82 million is about right to watch him fall on his ass. Oh, wait, didn’t he already do that with “The Last Action Hero”?

Look, Arnie, we brought you in to fix the problems of special interests in government and its become obvious that you are beholden to them. As Governator, you decided that the processes we have in place to prevent a power-grab was inconvenient for you. Well, as Linda Hamilton so aptly put it: “You’re terminated, fucker.”

Good luck on getting re-elected next year… oh, and I guess this puts the whole ‘pass the Arnold Amendment’ thing to rest. Finally, the tide turns away from the Republican Girlie-Men and their idiot policies…

Hey, shrub! You're next.


Miladysa said...

As much as I like Hugh Grant (despite all that PR business with the prostitute) G*d forbid he should run for No 10. Although, Glenda Jackson has done well.

$82 million? Really? The world is a mess isn't it? We really should get our priorities sorted!

EGL said...

Ok. That picture has to be the worst assault to my eyes since my queer self stared straight into the dark and scary depths of a vagina. I beg of you, PLEASE update so that vulgarity is not the first thing I view that upon visiting your page!

Bhakti said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely photo of the aging Ahnold(as you so aptly pronounce his name). It's refreshing to see that you can't always have it your way (i.e. his agenda) just because you've got tons of money (and Hollywood fame_)

I'm so glad you're back in action,'s been too long!! :(