Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Today I Am Thankful for California Weather

Partly cloudy and 68 degrees... It's a bit chilly, but it is winter (or close to it). Let those on the East Coast have their "seasons" this suits me just fine.

Today, I made French Onion Soup, so we could eat "light" the day before the main eating event of the year. However, the tons of cheese on top really shot to hell any idea that it was a light meal. I've said this before, I'll say it again: "Cheese is good."

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! To my friends overseas (and the occasional Canadian and Brazillian reader): I hope you understand what Thanksgiving is, because it is very difficult to accurately describe.

Basically, as you read this, I am either stuffed to the absolute limit--with turkey (with gravy), mashed potatoes (with gravy), stuffing (with gravy), sweet potato pie (sans gravy), wine, pumpkin pie and spiced pumpkin cheese cake (which I made thankyouverymuch)--or I am about to start eating so I can become stuffed to the limit with the above food. It is a glutonous event. A shameful site if there ever was one... but, damn it's good.

The idea is that we are to gather together as a family and give thanks we have each other. In actuality, it's a day we gather together as a family and spend the day wishing we were with anyone but our family.

We stuff ourselves so full of food that we can not move so we won't kill our cousin who, when we were 13 "pants'd" me in front of a bunch of kids at my new school and pretty much ruined my entire high school social life... uh... I, er, um... like I heard that happened to this guy one time. Because, if I got pants'd, you know that would actually make my social life... no, really, it would. (whatever.)

I think the universal theme is that everyone loves their family, but wouldn't have them as friends, because friends wouldn't put up with the shit that families dish out. I love my family, I really do. But they do drive me nuts--as I'm sure I do them, for what reason I couldn't possibly tell you, because I'm fucking adorable to be around... really. I am. (whatever.)

I guess it could be worse. It could be raining.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Miladysa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Chris :)

What is pants'd?

And, do you want to share the cheesecake receipe? :)

Chris said...


I will gladly send you the recipe (you'll have to convert to metric, because the US went "crazy for the metric system" for about 4 minutes in the 70's before deciding it was "too hard" and abandoning it with little fanfare. Suffice to say, I can't figure that stuff out at all).

As for being "pants'd"... that's when some nefarious individual sneaks up behind some unsuspecting--yet, kind-hearted soul--and quickly grabs a hold of one's trousers and YANKS them down about the poor soul's ankles--leaving the poor soul either in his underwear... or, should the pants catch said underwear, leaving the poor soul with his bits 'n pieces dangling about in a soft breeze. It's hysterical when done to someone else... life-scaring when it happens to you.

Well now... I'm off to see my therapist!

Bhakti said...

How may times have you been pants'd?? Ome on...tell the truth!

Chris said...

Too many times to mention... However, the breeze felt nice, so it wasn't always a bad thing.

Miladysa said...