Friday, November 25, 2005

How Not to Sell Clothing
I love Waiter Rant. It's an interesting site and he has some interesting stories. He recently added a shop to his site... the above picture is how he is "marketing" the men's T-shirt.

Is it just me, or does that make you want to NOT buy a shirt? I guess if I only had one arm, it might make me buy one, but are there a lot of one-armed men running around? And is that necessarily a market one tries for?

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a one-armed man, but it certainly didn't help Helen Kimble or her poor husband, Dr. Richard Kimble, who was framed for her murder--only to escape and become a Fugitive trying to clear his name. Honestly, who doesn't think of that when one thinks of a one-armed man? And is that the best way to sell a shirt.

Maybe he's trying for the pessimists out there who think they are going to lose an arm. Which begs the question, how big of a market is that? But, I'm still at a loss to the appeal of Britney Spears, Paul Rudd, and Paris Hilton--so what do I know? That said, I'm still not buying a shirt...

...unless I lose an arm.


Bhakti said...

Well, I agree with the one-arm marketing ploy not being too attractive. I, for one, would be afraid of cursing myself, thus becoming one-armless because of buying said shirt.

However, on a different note, I happen to think Paul Rudd is kinda cute.

Chris said...

He is cute and very funny... it just sort of "worked" for that spot.

Bhakti said...

I see. I've often wondered why Paul Rudd never made it to superstardom. Did you see the 40 Year Old Virgin? (Of course you did...didn't you?) He was cute in that--not drop dead hot like Johnny Depp; or cool-hot like a young Clint Eastwood; but he was 'boy next door' hot, don't ya think?