Thursday, November 10, 2005

EGL asked--pleaded is more like it--to remove the picture of "The Governator" and replace it with something more to his liking. Well, EGL, I don't know if you like this as much as I do, but--God bless him--this guy is cute as a button!

I believe his name is Derek Cruz and I believe he may--or may not--be some sort of "model in the adult entertainment industry." I don't care what he is... he's just darn pretty to look at.

I'd elect him governor... of course, I'd elect just about anyone over Arnie (with the exception of Adolph Hitler and Mel Gibson, who may--or may not--be the same person).


Miladysa said...

A bit smooth?

Congratulations!!!!! You have been nominated for FBF (Fit Bit Friday)! Please pop over and collect your Nominee Tiara :)

EGL said...

THANK YOU...of course now I have to close my office door when viewing your blog so that people don't see the rise it gives me.

coolbuddha said...

I'll cough before knocking. Just in case.

Bhakti said...

Chris...Congratulations on your FBF Nomination (I think I nominated you...I know I did one time or another! 'Cause, you know, I love your sense of humor! Anyway...good luck!!)

Now, here's my comment on this Derek character: the sad thing is that some day he's gonna look like Arnie (not the face, just the bod). So, lets just cross our fingers that he doesn't make such horrible movies. Then, at least we won't look at his drooping flab and think "he was the TERMINATOR??"