Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another Celebrity Break-Up

Silo and Roy have officially ended their six-year union. I am devastated.

About six years ago, Silo and Roy, two chinstrap penguins at the New York Central Zoo, began “making a nest together” (as the kids call it). They even raised an abandoned egg on their own and named it Tango (okay, I think the handlers named it…) They became minor celebrities and really pissed off the "Ex-Gays".

From what my sources tell me, a female penguin, named Scrappy moved into the zoo and Silo started helping her build a nest. Shortly thereafter, Silo and Roy had a bit of a spat and Silo took his favorite rock and moved in with the whore.

No word has been set yet on custody of Tango, or the splitting up of their communal property—including their NYC nest, a compound in Malibu, as well as a production company (“Two to Tango Productions”).

Word around the penguin tank is that their divorce is being handled by the same “private divorce judge” used by Brad and Jennifer.


jazz said...

this was hilarious. totally loved it.

i also read aboout these penguins. yet another gay mascot lost!

damn those bisexuals, ruining everything!

Miladysa said...

LMAO! Hilarious. Poor Tango!

Wagers please - following cenarios:

Silo flirts with Roy
Scrappy and Roy have a tiff
Silo and Roy get back together
Scrappy and Roy get together
Roy makes out with a n other
Scrappy makes out with a n other

I await updates with baited breath :)

Miladysa said...

scenarios!!! It's earlier OK? I do not wake up until 11:00!

mariel said...

I really like your sense of humor!

ps: where do you find all these wierd news ;)?

highcontrast said...

dude...silo's a slut.

Chris said...

Miladysa: my bet is that Scrappy and Silo will not last long. She's filling in some sort of 'straight-boy penguin' need and he'll be back out on the fowl-prowl. I just hope Roy is smart enough to not take him back.

highcontrast: He's gay... of course he's a slut.

Jazz: Bisexuals really piss me off--pick a frickin' side, already!

mariel: I dig them up from the dark recesses of the internet... (and I have friends that live there and tell me everything).

Thanks for writing, kids!