Monday, October 03, 2005

What are you searching for?
(No, really, because—quite frankly—it’s a little weird)

So, I’m checking to see what brought people to my website over the past week and I made an amazing discovery: people are insane.

Do I blame the nut-job and their search, or the search engines connecting said nut-job to my site? Frankly, I don’t know—but the only way to find out would be to conduct a freaky word search and I think I know where that will get me: right back here. You know it’s true.*

Here is this week’s Top Ten most bizarre searches that brought people to the wonderful world of Slap & Tickle.

10. Rob Marciano
9. Hairy Tie
8. How to tie my scarf
7. Chad Myes++
6. bunny
5. Justin Baldoni++
4. Lowest
3. Comproble (not comparable, but 'comproble')
2. grab bug

And the number one most bizarre search was:

1. small girl nuth

There is something very wrong with people out there…

My final thought on this—and I can’t stress this enough—Welcome, nut-jobs! Come for the funny, stay for the pie!

*Yes. Yes, it is.
++These brought individuals to S&T FOUR times each.


Miladysa said...

I do not have that facility so I have no idea what searches are leading people to my blog - I am not sure I want to know either!! Ignorance is bliss :)

jazz said...

most of my searches are about stalking. of course.

EGL said...

At least people aren't searching for "Man in elephant's ass" like they do to come to my page! God love the crazies...oh and now they're coming here because I said that! Haha.