Monday, October 17, 2005

My Personal Top Ten

Lists like this always evolve, but for those of you who want to know (and why wouldn't you?) these are the top ten guys that I put high on my list of Dye-Packers:

Josh Wald

Anderson Cooper

Jon Stewart

Ian Thorpe
("The Thorpedo")

Raoul Bova

Rusty Joiner

"New Improved"
Ricky Martin

The Secret Life of...
Jim O'Connor

Hugh Jackman

Eddie Cibrian

Feel free to add your own ideas of who your current "fit-bit" guy is.


Just Some Gal said...

Found your blog by way of Miladysa...

I have to admit, your list is much yummier than mine!!

Also, I totally agree about the Bond post. ugh That guy?? Over Pierce Brosnan??

Great blog!

Miladysa said...

(OK - first I have got to defend Daniel - I have always had a thing for Daniel! Have you seen Layer Cake?! We are not talking 'pretty boy' he has something charismatic!)

Now on to the list - best one I have seen! I suggest we divide them as follows (I am thinking of you OK? Too much of a good thing and all that!)

Jon, Thorpedo, Ricky, Jim and Hugh

Josh, Raoul, Rusty and Eddie


All her Do'able Babes and Brosnan (Hands off Liv Tyler!)

EGL said...

What rock have I been living under? I've never heard of Raoul Bova and Rusty Joiner and I though Ricky was all washed up! Now I'm in my office in desperate need of a change of underwear. Thanks for the great photos!!!

Sharonus said...

Anderson Cooper? Tell me you're kidding, Chris...

Chris said...

I love it when you guys comment!

BLONDIE: Glad you like my list... I like you.

MILADYSA: I want them ALL! (Heck, I'd be glad to have one... but all would be really great!

EGL: I worry about you... Raoul was in "Under the Tuscan Sun." What a lovely, lovely man. Such an nice chest... I stumbled across Rusty... what a lovely, lovely body...

SHARONUS: I never kid about men and I never kid about Anderson! Look deep into those eyes (sigh). He makes me all googlily inside...

mariel said...

I don't get it why you all seem to have an obsession for this Anderson Cooper. Never heard of him but did a quick search on the internet.. totally unsexy for me!!

I like Raul Bova too.. try Alessandro Gassman.. a bit the same style.

I suggest Ashton Kucker, Jude Law (very fascinating!!), Michael Pitt (The dreamers by Bertolucci – quite “naive” sexy) , Colin Firth (in Pride and Prejudice … so manly and romantic) and the evergreen Brad Pitt!!!

Miladysa said...


Typical! You try to do someone a favour and what happens? Give someone an inch or 6 and they want the whole mile!!!

*Disclaimer* If this offended anyone then please blame Chris for being so selfish!

Chris said...


How do I explain Anderson Cooper?

First, he was the host of The Mole--and he was terrific. Wry sense of humor and didn't take himself or the show too seriously. Plus, I love the premature gray thing and he's very well read ("Anderson 360" on CNN). He also loves to stand outside whenever there's a hurricane--which is both butch and stupid (and I would normally think "very straight-boy" but I know he's gay... another plus).

I understand if you don't like him... it just means more Anderson for ME!

I'm not a Michael Pitt fan--I HATED The Dreamers. I thought it was the worst piece of crap an hope that it ends any film homage to the 'wonderful radicalism of the 60's'). Awful, awful stuff. Did I mention I hated it? He was good in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, though. But, there's something about him that skeeves me... not sure why and I haven't bothered to research it. Maybe I shall (but, most likely shan't.

Colin Firth is lovely, as is Jude Law. Not an Ashton Kutcher fan... he's pretty, but is such an ass sometimes (and the Demi thing skeeves me as well).

What about Cary Elwes? Often described as having "the most perfect profile." He's rather nice to look at.

I think I'm ready to start another list (by the way, it's a given that the new Bond will not be on the list...)

Miladysa said...


Jude Law? I am speechless!

highcontrast said...

Anderson Cooper is the undisputed king of hotness in journalism. Period. I agree, Ricky is suddenly new and improved. My list, if I had one, would also include Josh Duhamel from Las Vegas. Yum.

alannajoy said...

Steamy older men are sex Kings, And Anderson Cooper is certainly one of them!

But among the youngens I would have to add to my list Jake Gyllenhall, or as I like to refer to him: Jakey-Poo...Um, also Jared Leto (except for the short factor), Adam Brody & one of my all time favs, Ryan Rynolds! MM MM GOOD!

Mariel I agree about Colin Firth...what a sensitive looker!

PS- who is Josh Wald...YOWZA.

Miladysa said...

Looking forward to the new list.

It's HNT tomorrow (Half Nekkid Thursday) there's a link on my blog or Blondie's to the rules if you want to take part :) It's a laugh and lots and lots of comments!

mariel said...

uhm.. sorry for mentioning The Dreamers, didn't want to harm you ;)

I found the it original and sensitive even if quite strong and a bit morbid..
And I liked his performance there... clearly not conventional!
ps: send me clips or videos of Anderson, I seems like I'm missing out sth!!!!

Chris said...

Oh, yeah... Jake Gyllenhall! Love. Him.

Colin Firth... yum.

Jude Law... he's become a bad boy of late, hasn't he? Makes me love him more!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Doctorchaos said...

Where is Chris Evens?

alannajoy said...

OK its official: Josh Wald is the new face of my desktop...Those baby blues are a-gazin' my way as we speak! Purrrrrrrrrrr (--roll the rrrr's)

Man Fan said...

Great taste! I can agree with everyone on this list and I have it BAD for the new and improved Ricky Martin! I can't get enough!

Bhakti said...

What about Frank Zappa? He's got a really great (in both senses of the word!) NOSE!


(Frank Zappa emoticon...courtesy of