Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Get Well, My Friend
I'm a bad blogger... I failed to read a friend's blog (who always reads and comments on mine) and she's in the hospital. Miladysa is a wonderful writer and the creator of "Fit Bit Friday."*

Currently, her very handsome husband is watching over her blog while she is recuperating. I want to wish her a speedy recovery and issue an apology for only now realizing she's been away.

I encourage any of you who have not read her blog to go over and catch up. She's a terrific writer and there is some fascinating work there that should not be missed.

*Incidentally, I used "fit bit" in a bar this weekend to great success. As I was walking out, I saw a little cutie comment about another little cutie, "He's a fit bit." Miladysa, you're a hit in San Francisco!

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Miladysa said...

u r grt blggrr x