Friday, February 08, 2008

I’ll Miss Mitt A Little Bit

Presidential candidate and PowerPoint aficionado Mitt Romney has dropped out of the race. More importantly, his boys and their “popular blog” Five Brothers, will also be going. I’ll miss them. Well, looking at them. I can’t stand Mitt’s politics, but his boys are nice to ogle.

Actually, only three of the boys do it for me. Josh, Tagg, and über-sexy Matt. Ben was cute when he had a beard… now he looks kind of scary. Unfortunately, they are all straight. But I’ve known enough repressed Mormon boys in my day to know that they are not all squeaky-clean. Thems a little dirty…

I won’t miss Mitt… but I’ll miss his boys.

(Pssst! Matt… call me!)

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durante said...

I had no idea... they are doable! Thanks for sharing!

durante vita