Monday, February 04, 2008

Was This Game Not Totally Awesome?!

Sure, I would have liked a little more action in the middle, but the fact that “the 18-point underdog” New York Giants beat the New England Patriots was fantastic.

I have no love for Tom Brady. I think he’s a douche. Sure, you’re an excellent ball player, but don’t kid yourself, all that modeling is not because you are that good looking. So when you go off pouting that you’ve lost with one minute to play, without congratulating the team that beat you, you are a poor loser. Also, I know some people that went to high school with him and said he was a douche back then.

Still, he does have at least one asset:

As for Eli, he’s cute in that deer-caught-in-the-headlights sort of way. I want to protect and care for him… his brother is another story all together.

Payton Manning is a Stud. Just walking sex appeal. Yeah, there’s a bit of goofiness to him, but that’s part of his charm. Tall, brilliant athlete, and willing to be a goofball? The trifecta of what makes a dude hot in my book. (There’s more to the list, but let’s leave this as it is for now.)

Then there is Cooper Manning—the oldest brother who was injured playing football that can’t play anymore. He’s got the bedroom eyes, doesn’t he?

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Michele said...

hahahah! Fun post, Chris. I had NO idea that the Manning brothers are so adorable. Well, I knew about Payton and a little about Eli (my favorite this week!) but Cooper was a secret--thanks for revealing him to us. :-p
Bedroom eyes for sure.

I've resented the NE Pats for five years running but even I was surprised to see exactly what graceless losers Belicheck and Brady are. I heard Brady redeemed himself a little in the post-game interviews but walking off the field before the game is over is, as you say, douchebag bullshit.