Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who Should I Vote For?

85% John Edwards
85% Barack Obama
84% Hillary Clinton
84% Chris Dodd
79% Mike Gravel
78% Dennis Kucinich
77% Joe Biden
74% Bill Richardson
44% Rudy Giuliani
36% John McCain
26% Mike Huckabee
25% Mitt Romney
25% Tom Tancredo
16% Ron Paul
15% Fred Thompson

I took an online quiz that determines which candidate best suits my beliefs... Well, Edwards is out... I voted for Hillary, but as it seems to be going, Barak may not be such a bad choice for me. See who you should vote for...

Thanks to the adorable Brad from Southern Expressions for this.


Ryan said...

i did the test and edwards came up so he's out im gonna go 4 hillary!

Michele said...

The test tells me to vote for Chris Dodd; who's he, anyway? ;-) Next was Kucinich (does that mean I'm a fruitloop?), then Obama (81%), and finally, Hillary (80%). I voted for Hillary; I hope Dennis can forgive me.

That was fun! Thanks Chris (and the adorable Brad).