Friday, February 29, 2008

Prince Hottie

Is it just me or has Prince Harry usurped William as the hot Windsor? His impending baldness not withstanding, William has always been the cute one, while Harry was… well, “Ginger-haired.”

I guess it’s the whole butch-military thing that’s steaming my beans. Yeah, I love a man in uniform (who doesn’t? Seriously, who doesn’t?), but this guy is royalty; heir to the throne. (Well, not exactly heir… third in line, but he’s a ski or polo accident away from being direct in line. Certainly closer than any of us.)

Yet, even in his dress uniform he now “out-hots” brother William.

Maybe it’s the rebel aspect: blue-blood willing to get his hands dirty. Yeah, put him in field dress, cover him with dirt and put a few battles under his belt and I’m weak in the knees. Is that why I loved Andrew so much (back in the 80’s… Helicopter Pilot, Falkland War, hottie, third in line for the throne… again with the third).

And now he’s coming home—thank you douche bag Matt Drudge for fucking up yet another person’s life—and we’ll get to regale in all his studliness.
And anything else he might want to share with us…

Let him share that!


Michele said...

I'm so with you---Harry is definitely the hotter Prince. (Except in that dressed blues picture---Wills is cuter in that one picture.) Anyway, how is it possible that Charles is their father? Clearly, all the hot came from Diana...

As for what's in that boy's pants, can that be true???

Also, may Matt Drudge burn in hell.

Evil Gay Lawyer said...

And he's hung like a pony! I've already saved that photo for the spank bank...thanks!

Chris said...

Apparently, his (ex?)girlfriend referred to him as "Big Ginger," so, EGL--you can deposit that into the spank bank with confidence.

I must admit, I would hit that hard.